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Your evidence-based emotional wayfinder

We provide points in your journey to understand your mind

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Where are your emotions taking you?

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Compass & Map

We help you navigate your ups and downs

What were you feeling on day 65 of the pandemic? 


Pressures are increasing, patience is
running thin, and we are all restless.


Now think about day 66, 67, 68…


My kids started their remote classes and need my guidance, but my work requires me too.


69, 70, 71…


I may need some help.

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We're with you on your journey

Whenever you're ready, we're right here with you.

Join us on a journey towards deeper reflection and awareness. If you choose to meet us in Emotionary, you will discover patterns in your feelings and thoughts you didn’t know existed. You will gain agency in the work you do with a therapist to regain your balance.


Emotionary will engage those rich conversations in your daily life and become an advocate in those times where there seems to be none.

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".... like a friend in these distant times..."

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"I think the app has been really nice and helpful, and I think it could really help others."


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